Thread rolling dies to form screws and nails

We produce flat or circular thread rolling dies for the chipless forming of screws, nails, set screws or special designs.

Design excellence is achieved from our know-how and many years of experience. We employ CAD programmes and CNC-machines in the manufacture of profiles.

We use high-quality steels to obtain section exactitude and long thread rolling die life. Alloy and hardness of the steel are exactly adapted to the material to be processed.

We supply thread rolling dies for all types of machines which are in the market; for standard threads and combined dies for the production of two different profiles in one rolling operation.

Our service includes intensive co-operation and consulting of our customers. You may require flat or round dies or even the conversion of an existing section from flat to round dies - our engineers have mastered both, substance and material flow.

We conduct test runs of complex special sections or for the fabrication of samples. This may include quality checks under an electronic microscope.



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